International and Domestic Health Equity and Leadership (IDHEAL) UCLA Emergency Medicine

Domestic Projects
Medical-Legal Community Partnerships (MLCPs)
Patients often end up in the emergency department as the result of social and legal forces that precipitate healthcare emergencies. For example, a patient may have lost his/her Medi-Cal, leading to the patient running out of insulin and coming into the emergency department in DKA. MLCPs use attorneys that work with the healthcare team, including social work, to resolve these challenges in order to keep patients healthy.

Language Access
Patients with limited English Proficiency struggle to navigate their ED visits and discharge plans. Despite legislation mandating the use of interpreters in healthcare settings, frequently, language assistance is not used. This project aims to improve the quality of Emergency Department care for limited English proficiency patients in efforts to improve understanding of ED visits and subsequently decrease the contribution of language barriers to health disparities.

Prison Health/Prisoner Re-entry
The LA County prison system often does not properly connect inmates with benefits, including healthcare, follow-up care, and prescriptions on discharge. We are currently exploring how to create a process to ensure proper connection to care, benefits and medications as part of the release process as a way to prevent downstream complications such as emergency department visits.

LA/CA Patient Need Assessment
Based on a survey developed and piloted at Olive View we are currently implementing a needs assessment across the safety net emergency departments in Los Angeles to assessment patients’ social needs. We are also looking to collaborate with safety net emergency departments in the Bay to compare and assess their patients’ social needs.

Asylum Evaluations
Many IDHEAL members participate in the Physicians for Human Rights Asylum Network and perform forensic evaluations of asylum seekers. IDHEAL members have actively supported increasing the capacity in Los Angeles for asylum evaluations and contribute to the three Los Angeles-based Human Rights clinics.

International Projects
Project SEMILLA is a volunteer organization of Emergency Medical Professionals from Nicaragua and the United States whose mission is to improve emergency healthcare capacity in Latin America through education, system organization, and improved access to technologies. Project SEMILLA currently provides free trainings in cardiac resuscitation, trauma resuscitation, and prehospital care to health professionals throughout Nicaragua.

Community Partners International
The mission of Community Partners International is to work with local partners to improve health education, led by and for the people of Myanmar.
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