International and Domestic Health Equity and Leadership (IDHEAL) UCLA Emergency Medicine

Philippe Bourgois - Save the Date - 11/28/17

Save the date! IDHEAL-UCLA is excited to confirm that renowned social scientist Philippe Bourgois will be giving Emergency Medicine Ground Rounds on the concept of Structural Vulnerability on Tuesday, November 28th at 9:00am in Tamkin auditorium in Westwood.

Drawing from anthropological participant-observation fieldwork among the homeless, Professor Philippe Bourgois will describe the experience of cycling in and out of emergency rooms/ICUs and back out onto the street from the perspective of the patients. Analyzing the dysfunctional interaction between high-tech medical services and the complicated social needs and suffering of indigent street addicts, he will propose a social medicine "Structural Vulnerability in the Risk Environment" approach to reducing patient suffering and mitigating the institutional burnout of clinicians on the frontlines of indigent care in the urban US.