International and Domestic Health Equity and Leadership (IDHEAL) UCLA Emergency Medicine

February 2018

Dennis Hsieh describes a Poverty Simulation in AEM Education and Training

Congratulations to IDHEAL faculty Dr. Dennis Hsieh for his publication in AEM Education and Training describing a Poverty Simulation for EM trainees.

Poverty Simulation: An Experiential Learning Tool for Teaching Social Determinants of Health

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Todd Schneberk investigates EDs contribution to the Opiod Epidemic in the Annals

Congratulations to IDHEAL member Dr. Todd Schneberk for his recent publication in Annals of Emergency Medicine. An important work to help us understand the roots of the opioid epidemic.

The Supply of Prescription Opioids: Contributions of Episodic-Care Prescribers and High-Quantity Prescribers