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"Essentials of First Aid" - La Opinión

Aristides Orue, nurse practitioner and Assistant Professor at the UCLA School of Nursing, reaches out to the Spanish-speaking community in an article on the "Essentials of First Aid" published in La Opinión.

IDHEAL Suggested Reading

Global Health Matters January/February, Volume 16, Issue 1

Paul Farmer Discusses Global Health Equity

IDHEAL Suggested Reading

Prevalence of Perceived Food and Housing Security — 15 States
This week’s MMWR includes a report by Njai et al on the Prevalence of Perceived Food and Housing Security across 15 states. They report disparities by race, ethnicity, age, sex, and education, and that racial/ethnic disparities persisted across each level of education.

IDHEAL's KickOff Strategic Planning Meeting

Thanks to all for a very inspiring and productive strategic planning meeting yesterday. Thirteen members from 4 hospitals is a tremendous turnout for our first in-person meeting.

Special mentions:
  • thanks to Ari, Dennis and Dami for presenting their work 
  • thanks to Luis for volunteering to be the designated notetaker all day long
  • thanks to Bonnie for all of the meeting arrangements
  • thanks to Dr. Hendey for the departmental support for the meeting and lunch
  • and finally, a very special thank you to Tom Lee for calling in to the meeting from Burma in the middle of the night!  

We will circulate minutes and reminders shortly to keep everyone in the loop and maintain momentum. 

Very happy to be working with you all!


IDHEAL Strategic Planning Conference

Save the date. November 2, 2016 has been set for the Strategic Planning Conference for the new International and Domestic Health Equity and Leadership (IDHEAL) Section of the Department of Emergency Medicine. It will be held at UCLA. More information to follow soon.